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New Beginnings for U Restoration

Creativity of the mind is a roadmap of dreams filled with opportunity

Our Mission

Our mission is to help communities come together in unity.

Our Vision

To have the youth and elderly to develop their self-esteem and confidence and to explore their individual talents and skills through seminars and activities


About Us

New Beginnings for U Restoration (NB4UR) corporation was founded by Rev. Ayanna Nash-Molokwu in March 2018. We are a non profit organization created to assist with the basic needs for the underserved families in the New York areas. Our services are not just to help those in need for additional support but to cultivate and motivate each individual. We organize various seminars,workshops, and events that encourage the citizens in the communities to have a positive mindset and develop stronger characteristics in themselves through creative expression and self discovery.

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Community engagement and safety organization to get the youth involved in positive activitiesthat will help them explore and develop their talents. Many of the youth will participate in funseminars and workshops organized by nb4urestoration.


Service Homeless Population

We organize clothing drives and provide essential services to underserved families in need of food and clothing.


General Health Care & Mental Health

Our seminars include bringing awareness, tips for general health care, and we also provide resources for local agencies who service different cases.


Creativity Workshops

We host a variety of events which is used to help our youth explore their creative talents along with social and emotional learning.


We have licensed life coaches who specialize in problem solving with family conflicts, marriage counselling, couples counselling, and spiritual development. Also, life coaches for the youth from ages 12-21 during transitional periods and social development.

New Beginnings for U Restoration Corporation, founded in 2018, in it’s continuing charitable mission, to assist poverty stricken and underserved minority communities is always in need of a tax deductible financial donations both small or large from individual or Corporate sponsors to enable programs such as frequent clothing, food, and homeless persons assistance drives. Donations also help in high school and college minority youth assistance. So please give generously in any of the following methods to help us continue our work.

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